Monday, 16 May 2011

Where can we expect the 10 remaining Enterprise Zones?

The Budget named the first 11 LEPs (Birmingham and Solihull, Sheffield, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, the Bristol area, the Black Country, Derby and Nottingham, Teesside and the North East) that would benefit from the Zones. A competition for the further 10 Enterprise Zones (EZ) in the remaining LEPs was also announced.  Out of the remaining 23 LEPs (as of 24th May) which 10 might get an EZ?

These are the remaining LEPs.  I enclose a link to further information about their EZ bid where it is available.

Cheshire and Warrington

Have not confirmed if they will bid for an EZ.  If they did Crewe is the likely contender.  News article sources http://tiny.cc/ft4na and http://tiny.cc/6qs23

Coast to Capital

Have submitted an EZ bid.  In fact they have identifed three preferred areas; Croydon; Gatwick Diamond, Bognor Regis http://tiny.cc/mxzap

Cornwall &; the Isles of Scilly

Have submitted a bid, rumored to be based around Newquay airport. http://tiny.cc/gyw54 and http://tiny.cc/4mctw

Coventry &; Warwickshire
Will be submitting a bid.  Possibly around Coventry Airport http://tiny.cc/fwqlg


Have submitted a bid, a west cumbrian Industrial Estate is the chosen location http://tiny.cc/p1y25

Enterprise M3

Not clear if they will be submitting a bid, Board not yet in place.


They are planning an expression of interest for an EZ http://tiny.cc/i1ivk

Gt. Cambridge &; Gt. Peterborough
Will be submitting a bid http://tiny.cc/xr6tt


Will be submitting a bid, possible sites here: http://tiny.cc/e0skf

Kent, Greater Essex & East Sussex
Will be submitting a bid, not sure exactly where yet http://tiny.cc/34hwu http://tiny.cc/78753


Will be submitting a bid, http://tiny.cc/jqiga but might define the exact area later http://tiny.cc/c8mnd

Leicester & Leicestershire

Not yet clear if they will be submitting a bid, business wants an EZ http://tiny.cc/g0pdn


Not clear if they will bid http://tiny.cc/34g8a

New Anglia

Will be submitting a bid, 4 areas on the short list, it wont be in Norwich http://tiny.cc/d8ecv

Oxfordshire City Region
Expression of interest submitted http://tiny.cc/axswa


Unclear if they will make a bid, seems to be wanted by business so highly probable http://tiny.cc/daqky

South East Midlands
Will be submitting a bid http://tiny.cc/i5ah4

Stoke-on-Trent & Staffordshire

Will be submitting a bid, and why wouldn’t they as the government has already announced they will get an EZ! http://tiny.cc/bw8gs http://tiny.cc/090mw

Thames Valley Berkshire

Looks like they will be making an expression of interest http://tiny.cc/bhcsj

The Heart of the South West
Have submitted an expression of interest for Plymouth http://tiny.cc/0j97k

The Marches

I can’t find anything except that there will be a LEP meeting on 24th May http://tiny.cc/96901

Kidderminster is Worcestershire’s choice for enterprise zone http://tiny.cc/hi2sr

York and North Yorkshire

Will be submitting a bid http://tiny.cc/1r2tw

So where will they be exactly? Here is a link to a BIS map of the first 11 LEP areas to have an Enterprise Zone http://www.communities.gov.uk/documents/localgovernment/pdf/1872110.pdf

My predictions, for what it is worth, are that these LEPs will get and EZ (in no particular order).  1) Heart of the South West 2) Kent, Greater Essex and East Sussex 3) Stoke and Staffordshire 4) York and North Yorkshire 5) Leicester and Leicestershire 6) Hertfordshire 7) Coast to Capital 8) Solent 9) Oxfordshire City Region 10) Gloucestershire
Statistically at least some will be correct...
I think it is also worth pointing out the Manchesters EZ is around the Airport.  It is suggested that both Coventry and Cornwall are also looking for an EZ around their airports.

BIS Timetable for Phase 2 Enterprise Zones

  • May: Having received expressions of interest, we will write to all interested LEPs with the criteria against which worked up bids will be assessed.
  • May – end of June: LEPs will develop their proposals and submit them.
  • July: Government will assess the proposals against the criteria and announce successful bids by the summer.

Do let me know if I have missed anything, very happy to edit the blog.

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