Sunday, 6 January 2013

LEPs and High Tech

 LEPs, Growth Policy and High Tech sector info

1) information on all LEPs with links to their websites can be found here http://www.lepnetwork.org.uk/leps.html

4) Innovation Vouchers key features: a) TSB programme launched in September 2012 b) offers vouchers of up to £5000  c)Eligibility limited to SMEs d) can use to pay for knowledge transfer/tech transfer from external expert provider - envisage universities have a key role e) aim to offer 100 vouchers every 3 months f) targeting on sectors where innovation capability low - initially built environment and agri food g) will extend to other sectors - water, waste and energy in second round h) can be used to support skills development

5) KTP are a good option for some businesses http://www.ktponline.org.uk/

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