Sunday, 17 July 2011

Everything you need to know about LEPs(2): essential LEP reading; groups to join and best practice

LEPs are part of the Government’s Local Economic Growth Agenda which also includes: Enterprise Zones; Regional Growth Fund; Reforming the planning system; Incentivising Local Authorities to go for growth (including the New Homes Bonus and the Local Government Resource Review which is due in July 2011); UKTI: new arrangements for Foreign Direct Investment support; and around skills: freedom from central control; two-way engagement between colleges & training organisations and local partners.

Each LEPs role will be decided locally, however the focus will be around these themes: economic development, skills, planning, housing and tourism. 

There are 36 LEPs.  They are at different stages of development. 

Many LEPs have websites which are a great source of information.  In terms of establishing a LEP and what they will be doing here is a list of documents that I would recommend viewing:

Coast to Capital chairman role job description
South East Midlands chair job description
South East Midlands director role
Hertfordshire LEP terms of reference
Cheshire and Warrington presentation from stakeholder forum presentation on 4th July
Stoke and Staffordshire Selection criteria for Board Members
Solent LEP mission statement and guiding principles
Oxfordshire LEP business plan
Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Board Terms of Reference
West of England June Board minutes 

All of which are available on the appropriate LEP website
A couple of other reports worth reading are:

Patrick McVeigh’s thoughts on LEPs via CLES http://www.cles.org.uk/features/decisions-decisions/
Janice Morphet Infrastucture Development Plans and LEPs which is available through LinkedIn

There are my tips of groups to join for more information on LEPs.

Linked In:
From RDA to LEP
Local Enterprise Partnerships
Check if your local LEP has a LinkedIn group

You will need to register and then join the Local Enterprise Partnerships ‘community’

If you would like me to share your documentation / papers / other best practice please forward it to me.  This blog has had more than 6000 hits in two months.


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