Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Entrepreneurship in curriculum-based education through regional networks 15th October

On 15th October I travelled from Poole, England to Kerava, Finland to take part in a study visit to look at entrepreneurship in curriculum-based education through regional networks.

I have decided to blog about this to help disseminate what I have learnt. in addition this record will be helpful when I get to the end of the week to help me write a report!

I have a few observations from Monday:

Public transport

Public transport in Finland is reasonably priced. I particularly enjoyed the free WiFi on a train from Helsinki to Tikkurila. When I bought a ticket for this train journey the ticket included information on the next train, which platform it was leaving from, what time it was leaving and when I would arrive. All of this translated into a very pleasant journey.

Art on disused building

In the Finnair magazine I noticed an article on massive murals on uninhabited buildings. Here is a link to a few examples http://www.stick2target.com/crono this captured my interest. Perhaps an opportunity for colleges, councils and businesses to work together...

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