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Entrepreneurship in curriculum based education through regional networks 17th October

Background on the Finnish education system.


There is one year of voluntary pre-primary education followed by nine years basic education. Following this upper secondary education, comprising vocational and general education; and higher education, provided by universities and polytechnics. Adult education is available at all levels.


The welfare if Finnish society is built on education, culture and knowledge. All children are guaranteed opportunities for study and self development according to their abilities, irrespective of their place of residence, language or financial status. All education is free.


Keuda Vocational college


Keuda is a consortium owned by 7 municipalities. The population of the area is 200,000. There are 7000 students, 600 staff and a turnover of 56m Euro in 2012.


The colleges are given a bonus depending upon exam results. This bonus is passed on to staff as well as kept for the college itself.


The College also delivers entrepreneurship training to primary teachers, upper secondary and polytechnic to help them to train their students.

It takes about 3 years to complete a vocational course. There is a minimum 5 credits of entrepreneurship in every vocational qualification. A credit equals 40 hours so 5 credits =200 hours!

There is a model of five things to be taken into account with entrepreneurship education.

1) Social skills
2) Teamwork skills
3 )Have to take responsibility for setting your own targets
4 )Taking own power (teachers have to give it)
5 )Students need to take the responsibility

All students take part in 24 hour camps
Credits awarded for attending and for different roles e.g. manager role is associated with more credit. Here entrepreneurship is part of the curriculum.

A year as an entrepreneur course is optional for students and is equal to 10 credits. Here students have to run a business and do book keeping, taxes, accounts, insurance etc. A practical experience.

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